Get to know the new Core of your business.

Using our proprietary Core technology, we make communication between your systems and your vendors seamless. No matter the protocol or database configuration used by each individual system, we excel at making them understand each other. Core works on a transactional model, meaning that every interaction between your ordering or records system and any third parties is tracked individually, and can be shared out to multiple end destinations.

Without getting too technical, here’s a little bit of what Core can do:

  • High speed content routing using easily manipulated workflow rules (no programming experience needed)
  • Connection to a wide range of applications, services, and other technologies right from the start, with minimal custom work
  • Complete management solutions, allowing for quick troubleshooting of any issues
  • Rapid development environment, making additions of new vendor connections a snap

Think of it like this: Instead of individually managing multiple programs to send requests to an infinite number of vendors, you can use Core to allow you to concentrate on what’s really important; the business of client and patient care. With the highly advanced object model and reliable database functionality, Core makes your business more agile by allowing you to:

  • Focus on improving your business, not worry about what software to use
  • Integrate your current systems and processes, not work around them
  • Align new vendors quickly into your existing system, without hassle