Meet the Entrust team

We innovate. Always.

Experience is something you can’t buy.

Don’t worry, you can borrow ours for a while.

Entrust was founded in 2011 with the sole objective of providing outstanding service to healthcare professionals by providing breakthrough clinical integration solutions, as well as project management, consulting, integration, and implementation services.

But we don’t just offer you solutions, we offer you partners that really understand what you’re trying to do. Our 16 years’ experience in healthcare and clinical integration solutions are at your disposal, whenever you need it. Why do we think it’s important? Because we strive to exceed our customers’ expectation through unparalleled flexibility, lasting solutions, and total satisfaction.

When you partner with Entrust, you’re not just getting a technology solution, you’re getting a proven history of excellence. As you know, experience is something you can’t buy. With Entrust, you don’t have to.